Wiki Syntax Quick Reference

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Font Styles
Strong **Strong** Strong
Italic *Italic* Italic
Deleted ~~Deleted~~ Deleted
Inline Code `Inline Code` Inline Code
Preformatted text <pre>
 of code
 of code
Unordered list - Item 1
- Item 2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
Ordered list 1. Item 1
2. Item 2
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
Heading 1 Title 1

Title 1

Heading 2 Title 2

Title 2

Heading 3 ### Title 3

Title 3

[Foo][] Foo
Redmine links
Link to a Wiki page[[Wiki page]]Wiki page
Issue #12Issue #12
Revision r43Revision r43
OSB links
pubmed:17442244Gleeson P et al 2007[It brings file content from repo][It brings file content from repo]
Inline images
Image ![Alt text](/path/img.jpg)
![Alt text](/path/img.jpg "Opt title")
Formula in LaTeX style

More Information About Formula Syntax

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