I&F granule cell model - Rothman & Piasini

This project contains an integrate and fire model of the cerebellar granule cell and a simple model of the mossy fibre to granule cell synapse. The cell model (IaF_GrC.nml) is the average (ie the one whose parameters have the average value) of the model population developed by Jason Rothman and published in Schwartz et, J Neurosci (2012). The synaptic model is based on the one used in that same paper, but it has been developed further to improve the fit to the experimental data and to ensure LEMS/NeuroMLv2 compatibility.

The model is conceptually stable, but less so as far as the implementation is concerned. Currently, development is focused on ensuring that most of the simulation configurations defined in this neuroConstruct project run as intended in both NEURON and jLEMS (via NeuroMLv2 export).

This model was originally developed in: Igor Pro

The code for this model is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain/GranCellRothmanIf